Friday, August 22, 2014

Hadith on Jihad: Part I

"It was narrated from Abu Bakr bin Abu Shayba and Abu Kurayb, who said: It was narrated from 'Ubaydullah bin Musa from Shayban from Firas from 'Atiyya from Abu Sa'id al-Khudri from the Messenger (upon him be peace): 'The mujahid in God's path has a guarantee from God.  Either He will raise him [the mujahid] to His forgiveness and mercy, or He will send him back with a reward [ajr] and war spoils [ghanima].  The example of the mujahid in God's path is that of one who fasts and prays at night without stopping, until he returns."
Sunan Ibn Majah, hasan hadith 2754 

"It was narrated by Abu Bakr bin Abu Shayba from Yunus bin Muhammad from Layth bin Sa'd from Yazid bin 'Abdullah bin al-Had from al-Walid bin Abu al-Walid from 'Uthman bin 'Abdullah bin Suraqa from 'Umar bin al-Khattab, who said: 'I heard the Messenger of God (upon him be peace) say:' 'Whoever equips a ghazi in the path of God until he is fully equipped and supplied will have a reward like his [the ghazi], until he dies or returns.'"
Sunan Ibn Majah, sahih hadith 2758

"It was narrated from Hisham bin 'Ammar from 'Abd al-Rahman bin Zayd bin Aslam from Abiya from Mus'ab bin Thabit from 'Abdullah bin al-Zubayr, who said: 'Uthman bin 'Affan addressed the people  and he said, O' People!  I heard a hadith from the Messenger of God (upon him be peace) and nothing kept me from narrating it to you except for the fact that I did not want to lose you and your companionship.  So it is up to you.  I heard the Messenger of God (upon him be peace) saying, 'Whoever spends a night guarding the frontier [man rabata laylatan fi sabil Allah] in the path of God, it will be like a thousand nights spent in fasting and prayer [kanat ka-alf laylat siyamiha waqiyamiha].'"
Sunan Ibn Majah, da'if hadith 2766

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