Saturday, March 16, 2013

Abu Basir al-Tartusi Lecture: Method of Establishing an Islamic State

Abu Basir al-Tartusi (Abu al-Mun'im Mustafa Halima), a prominent Salafi Sunni jihadi religious scholar and ideologue, discusses the process of establishing an Islamic state and why it is necessary.  He speaks in Arabic but a translator then translates into English.  Al-Tartusi is currently in Syria fighting alongside Syrian rebels, including a number of British citizens whom he is alleged to have recruited.

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Charles Cameron (hipbone) said...

Details interest me -- and while it most likely has neither religious nor intel significance, I still find it curious that the time stamp on this video gives the date as 1999.

Just some weird artifact? A very old machine with a Y2K problem? A way of avoiding specific dating?