Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Note on Blogging & Those Who Cast Libelous Aspersions

Some in cyberspace have been casting libelous aspersions on my status as a graduate student studying Muslim socio-political movements, including transnational extremist groups such as Al-Qa'ida Central and its affiliates, as well as the academic nature and integrity of my blogs. My writing here at Views from the Occident and my two subsidiary blogs is clearly labeled as being academic in nature. Frankly, I think that it is pretty clear to those who actually read my original posts (as opposed to postings/pasting of primary sources and third party articles) that this is the case. I am also honored to have my blog(s) listed in the "Links" sections of a few noted experts and specialists in transnational militant groups and counter-terrorism, a fact that the libelers have conveniently failed to note. They also seem ignorant of the fact that jihadi-takfiris do not call themselves "takfiri" and actually object to being labeled as such.

Honest and constructive critique, criticisms, and suggestions are always welcome, which is why I have set up an e-mail address for my blogs. Libel and gross aspersions on my character and academic integrity, however, are not. My academic e-mail is also available via a quick Internet search, should any who seem to think that I am not a graduate student wish to check the facts before engaging in libel.

Thanks to my readers and to my professorial mentors, friends, colleagues, and (God willing) future colleagues for their continued support and advice. Peace.

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